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Find tips, travel guides, secrets places, how to get great tickets prices and more in our blog. We can also plan the hole trip for you, tailored for your needs and desires! From helping you to decide the perfect destination, to the most unique details like personalized guides, secret spots and more.

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Travel Tips

With a very big world, with multiple places to go, it is very challenging to choose the perfect destination, the best travel guide and an affordable vacation. Here in Wandder you can find some tips for the key questions when planning a vacation, so your process can be smoother and the outcome with a perfect fit for you.

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How to decide where to go?

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What should I do and which places should I visit on my destination?

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How to get the best prices for your ticket and hotels?

First understand what you want with your trip: relax, learn about different cultures, meet people, nature, nightlife, food experience, etc.
Then think about the budget for your trip and which option fits best with it.
Also is important to understand the time of the year that you are traveling with the conditions of your destination.
Finally, select a few options and check hotels and tickets, maybe you can find a good opportunity in one of them that can help your final decision.

Now that you already know where you are going, you need to plan the things you want to do there. Planning ahead help your trip to be much more enjoyable and efficient. 
1. Are you the kind of person that like to see the most that you can?
It is a lot to see in a short period so you should try to be the most efficient, understanding locations and transportation so you can divide your day smartly by sectors
2. Do you like to take it slow and see less but with more details?
Planning ahead helps to select the best places to visit making sure you will not regret later

There is a little bit of science and patience to get the best prices in your tickets and hotels. 
Tickets: Travel in low or shoulders seasons, buy the ticket with the correct anticipation for your destination (depends on if it is a regional or long haul flight), choose the right websites to search and buy from.
Hotels: Travel in low or shoulders seasons, choose the perfect sector to stay, use the right website and get flexible fares until find the best deal.
For more information just get in contact with us!!

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Who are we?

My name is Bellize Guimaraes and I am from Brazil. I also lived in the US and in Paris and now I am living in Chile since 2013. I have travel 25 countries and I really love to find all the secrets from each place I go. I have experience working with Revenue Management in an airline (tickets prices strategy) that can be very handy to define the perfect time for buying your ticket. I love to travel and I really want to share my experiences and help planning perfect trips around the world.

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